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When Tito Ortiz finally got a hold of Chael Sonnen at after all of that smack talk, he wasn't about to let him go. No, for real. Ortiz literally did not let Sonnen go. He latched down on Sonnen's quarterback jawline and squeezed until his head turned stubbed-your-toe purple. It actually took referee Big John McCarthy jabbing his thumb into Ortiz's throat to get him to release the choke.

“You guys see how red his face was? I almost ripped his neck off, I almost broke his head, I almost broke his jaw, to tell you the truth," Ortiz said in his own fan Q&A video. "Yeah, when I bumped into Chael, I bumped into Big John McCarthy. It was funnier than sh-t. I almost took him out, almost took out the referee, pulled out a WWE on his ass."

Yeah it was almost like WWE, being that McCarthy had to just about do a Tongan Death Grip in order to get Ortiz to not kill . Next step was for sure a steel chair attack of the frog splash from the top of the cage.

All in all, McCarthy doesn't hold any grudge against Ortiz or even blames him for what he did. He even says he doesn't deserve punishment amid the controversy, even though Ortiz admits he maliciously held onto the choke too long on purpose.

Listen to the whole Bellator 170 post-fight presser below.


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