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Jason Nawara

You could say that Rory MacDonald is Bellator's best free agent signing ever. You could possibly even claim that he's the best fighter to ever grace the roster. Sure, Bellator has seen a prime Eddie Alvarez, Ben Askren, Hector Lombard and others, but Rory MacDonald, despite being on a two-fight losing streak, has a win over the current UFC welterweight champion, and was practically seconds away from winning the UFC title from Robbie Lawler in 2015. He's 27 years old, he's in his prime, and he could dominate Bellator for a long, long time.

In short: he's a hell of a fighter.

Now, he's taking on British banger Paul Daley, who could punch a hole in the moon if he really wanted to (and NASA had the funding), and Bellator really couldn't have made a better matchup. Too bad it wasn't Rory's first choice.

The Canadian fighter hopped on the MMA Hour to begin the hype process in earnest, and he revealed that he wanted a title shot right off the bat. You would think this is something that would come up during the contract negotiation process. (h/t MMA Weekly for the transcription)

“They offered it to me. I took about a week to think about it. And then I told them that I would accept it after a couple of days of thinking.

That’s what I was pushing for (a title shot), and it was looking like that. It’s all about timing, and this is a No. 1 contender fight. It’s possible that my very next fight will be for the title. If not, I’ll probably fight at 185 or something like that just to stay busy in between waiting for the champ.

I want to prove a point. I’m going in there to prove a point, to show people what’s up and who I really am. I think they’re going to see a big change, and they’re going to be happily surprised.”

Rory, everyone knows you're a supreme badass. Kinda to a scry degree. We know what's up, and we know you want to put on a good show. Now just go out there and do it. We're down to watch.

The only fight Bellator can make that's better than Daley/MacDonald is Daley/Michael Page. Ugh. Bellator, you're stealing my heart in 2017. I love it.


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