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Justin Golightly

As if your head wasn't already pounding after the UFC 210 pre-game knee, Melvin Manhoef just got severely slept by Rafael Carvalho at Bellator 176. It was a genius strategy of kicking Manhoef in the gut about 100 times — and we know how bad body shots can be — then going up high at just the right time.

Holy crap, that's gorgeous violence! Carvalho even slid a little bit like the Johnny Cage kick from Mortal Kombat. This makes back-to-back losses against the defending Bellator middleweight champion, but instead of a split-decision, Carvalho made sure to put no doubt in the world's mind with this knockout. We don't see a trilogy being talked about anytime in the future, but either way we should let Manhoef rest. Good night, sweet prince.


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