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Jason Nawara

In the lexicon of MMA, few stand higher in stature than Bas Rutten. He was a legend in Pancrase before becoming the UFC heavyweight champion, and from there, he invaded the minds and hearts of every MMA fan across the world. You could almost say he has has had a bigger impact on-camera than in the ring or cage.

  • He was a commentator for PRIDE

  • For years, he delivered hilarious moments and thought-provoking insight on AXS TV

  • He's been commentating for the WSoF, ONE FC and many others.
  • As a trainer, he brought us Kimbo Slice
  • Let's not forget his endless highlights

  • And most importantly, he taught us all how to be safe while coining various phrases (dangidy-dang)

He also blogs for a little site called Champions!

Seriously, you should read his stuff.

And so, we wish you happy birthday, Bas!

(This was the only "happy birthday, Bas" video we could find on YouTube we hope you like it.)


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