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Boxing movie stars Miles Teller and Robert De Niro got to party together on election night, and thankfully, no fists started flying when the results were read.

The actor revealed to Stephen Colbert on the Late Show that he attended the legend's high-profile soiree, which took a somber tone when it was announced that Donald Trump had beaten Hillary Clinton. Although it wasn't the happiest of festivities, Teller did get to meet one of his idols: Beatles icon Paul McCartney.

"It started off at a good vibe and then, obviously, as things went on, everyone in that room was going for Hillary," Teller told Colbert. "The best part about the whole thing, for me, was meeting Paul McCartney."

The former actor got a chance to snap a picture with the legendary musician and was even able to pick his brain with a few Fab Four questions.

"He's the man," Teller said.

Teller went on to talk about his role as former boxing champion Vinny Paz in the upcoming flick Bleed for This. The film follows the Rhode Island boxer's incredible comeback tale, as he clawed his way back to the ring after a nearly fatal car accident.

Paz decided to not get a spinal fusion, opting for a riskier procedure in order to have a chance to box again.

"He was a two-time world champion and got in a car accident and broke his neck," Teller said. "He gets the metal halo put in his head and, in real life, five days after breaking his neck, with the halo on, he went down to his basement and started bench pressing."

"For the six months that he was injured, worked out the entire time, risked paralysis, and comes back and wins the title," he added.

While his co-star and avid boxer, Aaron Eckhart enjoys getting punched in the face, Teller didn't share his pal's enthusiasm, joking that "something's a little off" with the former actor.

"You accidentally get punched in the face," Teller said. "People are on payroll so that you don't, but it happens."

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