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Miles Teller left it all in the ring for his new film, Bleed for This.

The one-time Fantastic Four actor, who plays former boxing champion Vinny Pazienza in the upcoming biopic, recently broke down his insane weight gain and loss for the flick to the Hollywood Reporter.

While Teller was pumped to land the role, he quickly had an "oh shit" moment when he realized what kind of shape he had to get into for the role.

"I had about seven months from the time I got it, and I had to film two movies in between, but I dieted and started lifting," Teller explained to THR. "I started at like 188 [pounds], like 19 percent body fat because I was in funny friend shape, that's what I call that point in my career."

He eventually got down to 168 pounds with 6 percent body fat for the movie's first fight. However, he ballooned back up to 183 pounds for the final match-up.

That's pretty incredible considering the short amount of time Bleed for This took to shoot.

"We filmed the movie in 24 days, you know, shoestring budget," Teller said.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Teller's co-star, Aaron Eckhart was tasked with getting fat to play Paz's coach and former fighter, Kevin Rooney, for the film. The former Dark Knight star told THR that he had to gain 40 pounds and cut off his luscious locks for the role.

"I physically tried to emulate him," Eckhart said. "I gained about 40 pounds and shaved my head, and tried to get into that headspace when somebody's in top notch shape and what's their psychology after they gain the wait and lose the edge."

The actor and his co-star had some fun reminiscing about their radical physical transformations.

"[Teller] gave me his weight," Eckhart joked.

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