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Andreas Hale

Mikey Garcia recently said that the best knockout of his career was the one that he scored against his former promoter that liberated him from his contract. Well, he certainly just one upped that with a candidate for knockout of the year when he destroyed the previously unbeaten Dejan Zlaticanin in the third round on the undercard of the Carl Frampton vs. Leo Santa Cruz rematch on Showtime.

It was Garcia's second fight since returning after a lengthy contract dispute with Top Rank Promotions. Some questioned whether a fight against the unbeaten Zlaticanin for the WBC lightweight title was a little too much, too soon for the also unbeaten Garcia.

He silenced any naysayers with a swift destruction that will likely be the front runner for knockout of the year for 2017.

After controlling Zlaticanin for the first couple of rounds with his jab, it was evident that the Oxnard fighter was seeking an opening for a fight changing counter. It all came together in the 3rd round when Zlaticanin walked right into a right uppercut that nearly put him out on his fight.

Garcia paused and threw a hellacious right hook that immediately shut the lights out and sent Zlaticanin crashing to the canvas in a heap. There was no need for the referee to count as Zlaticanin was motionless on the canvas for several frightening moments.

Garcia improved to 36-0 with his 30th knockout and puts himself in line for a number of big fights later in the year.


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