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Matt Juul

As one of the baddest dudes to ever enter a boxing ring, you'd think would spend his free time watching intense action movies or endless hours of combat sports. In reality, "Iron Mike" has a bit of a soft spot for romantic movies.

In a recent 20 questions interview with Uproxx, the former heavyweight champion revealed some surprising details about his viewing habits. While he does enjoy watching boxing and UFC events on occasion, he apparently can't resist tuning into Nicholas Sparks' wildly popular love story The Notebook whenever it's on. Tyson also admitted that he's more of fan of a South Park than a Family Guy and is currently binge watching a few television dramas with his wife.

"My wife and I just finished watching on DVR, White Princess," Tyson told Uproxx. "That was awesome. Now we have Queen of the South on DVR."

As far as music goes, Tyson said that the best concert he ever attended featured the legendary Stevie Wonder, and that he can't stop listening to “Versace” by Migos. We're guessing he started digging the hip-hop group after they were wowed by Tyson's collection of pigeons during a tour of his house.


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