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Following in the footsteps of Shaq and the Chicago Bears, retired legend Mike Tyson is the latest athlete to make an attempt at becoming a hip-hop star.

On Tuesday, the former heavyweight champion released the official music video for his new song "If You Show Up," a diss track aimed at rapper Soulja Boy ahead of upcoming bout with Chris Brown. Tyson is training Brown for the highly-anticipated celebrity match-up, while Floyd Mayweather Jr. will be in Soulja Boy's corner.

"I'm the god of the ring, greatest around," Tyson says in the definitely NSFW video. "Soulja Boy you can't f--k with Chris Brown."

"Mayweather, fair weather," Tyson says later in the song, taking aim at the boxer. "I've seen your fights man, a lot of hype man."

Considering Tyson's post-boxing career has included everything from starring in his own Cartoon Network animated series to doing the Mannequin Challenge with heavyweight Roy Nelson, taking a chance behind the booth actually isn't the strangest thing he's done since stepping away from the ring.

It will be interesting to see if Brown and Soulja Boy actually do come to blows on pay-per-view later this year, and if Tyson has any plans to release a full on album to follow-up his new song.

Check out the music video for Mike Tyson's Soulja Boy diss track below.

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