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Few fighters have made their mark in the UFC as quickly as .

Since making his debut back in August 2016, Perry has won three of his four fights and has quickly established his brand as a knockout artist.

Despite having fought less than four weeks ago, speaking to earlier this week, “Platinum” said he was already itching to get his next fight.

“I’ve been training hard already, I’m back in the gym and I’m always just getting ready for the next one,” Perry said. “I was having fun with my friends on holiday for a while, so I’m happy—everything is really good man. Life is a lot more cheerful when you’re winning, that’s for sure.”

Despite beating a ranked opponent in his last fight, Perry remains outside the top 15 in the UFC’s welterweight division. While some would feel disappointed not to be ranked, Perry instead sees it as an opportunity to take more guys out on his way to the top.

“I don’t know who makes these rankings and I’m still not sure how they work,” Perry said. “There are guys ranked ahead of me that I know I would destroy, but I will just look at it like it’s another paycheck for destroying them. That’s what they get for being in my way. Either you step out of my way, or shoot me the fade—show me my one.”

Who Perry will fight next is something that has been widely speculated, but Perry himself isn’t so worried about it. As far as he’s concerned, the result will be the same, regardless of who it is.

“People talk about Gunnar Nelson because he beat Jouban, but they also say Matt Brown because they think it would be a slugfest. It really wouldn’t, though, man. That s*it would be over as soon as I want it to be—I will get him out of there and I will rank up even more. I don’t care how long it takes for me to climb the rankings—I don’t care if I win again and I’m ranked at 20. As far as I’m concerned, I want to fight another 19 times in my career anyway—it’s all money to me. They got to give me these big fights, let me knock them out and change some more lives.”

This past weekend, Demian Maia beat Jorge Masvidal at UFC 211. Perry saw the fight and said he’d love to fight Masvidal if he was given the opportunity.

“I saw it—I thought it was a fantastic fight,” Perry said. “If I was to fight Masvidal, my manager, Abraham, would sure like that. If we fought, he’d be paid three times. I’ve never met Jorge, but I do have respect for him. We speak the same language—we live in the same part of the world. We’ve seen similar things in the past and I’m sure we’d both be down to fight. I’m sure he’d fight me in a heartbeat and I’d like to fight him, too. I’m sure that’d be a great fight for us both and we’d both get Abraham paid. I enjoyed watching him fight Maia and I think stylistically it would be good. I don’t know if I’ve earned a fight with him yet, but if they think I have, then I’d take that fight, for sure.”

A lot of the talk on social media of late has been about a fight between Perry and Matt Brown. Perry would accept the fight, but doesn’t think it would be in any way competitive.

“If you offer me a fight, I’m going to take it—especially if it’s a harder fight and a guy ranked above me,” Perry said. “I’m more inclined to say yes to a difficult fight than I am a fight with someone like Matt Brown—where I know I’m going to win easily. I don’t even want that s*it, I’ll knock him the f*ck out so easy that it’s not even worth it—book me a second fight that night because I know the first one will be quick. I knock everyone out man—they all go to sleep.”

While the speculation continues, Perry and his manager, Abraham Kawa, will wait by the phone for the call. Suffice to say, when the phone rings, the Perry camp will only be giving them one answer.

“Abraham is talking to them—I’m always a topic man,” Perry said. “They know that I’m ready and willing to answer the call anytime, and they know when I pick up the phone, it will end in someone getting knocked out. They know if someone falls out of a card I’m here—I took my UFC debut on short notice. I’ll gladly continue to do that if it’s a good fight for me. I love that Jon Jones [vs. Daniel Cormier] card, that would be fun. Seriously though, any fight card. I’m back in the gym training and I’m eating clean again. I’m ready as soon as possible, man. All I know is, right now, all options are open.”

Coming off the knockout of a lifetime, Perry’s confidence is understandably sky-high. It's abundantly clear that Perry will be ready to go as soon as the UFC offers him a fight.

“You want to know who they should match me with? I’ll tell you who—anybody. Anybody is a good f*cking fight for me. Show me the contract and I’ll sign it. I’m ready to earn my next paycheck and my next bonus.”

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