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Never one to shy away from controversy, "Platinum" Mike Perry prefers a stiff challenge inside the Octagon.

This weekend at , Perry takes on in a battle of two heavy-hitting welterweights. The bout will mark the first time Perry enters a fight coming off a loss, after dropping a unanimous decision to last December.

Having spent the better part of five months away from the Octagon making improvements, Perry talked exclusively to about what he’s expecting from his fight with Ellenberger this weekend.

"I'm always focused on the finish, but it helps when these guys don’t act like idiots and actually come to fight,” Perry said. “Jouban acted like an idiot and I didn’t do what my team told me and I didn’t close the gap. I learned a lot from that and it was a great experience. He ran from me like 'Mayweather style,' but it's all good man. There's nothing nobody can show up with that I haven't seen. I’m fully focused on Ellenberger, training three times a day—these motherf*ckers don’t know what’s coming.”

Should Perry defeat Ellenberger, he will likely find himself in the UFC welterweight rankings with a number of big-time fights at his feet. While he said he was fully focused on defeating Ellenberger this weekend, Perry was obviously excited by the prospect of facing several of the other top contenders in the division.

“I’m working my way up man,” Perry said. “I guess Johny Hendricks went up to 185, I don’t think he will be coming back down to 170. Masvidal just got that Maia fight, but I think he would be a good fight in the future—we’d just go in there and throw down. Rick Story, Donald Cerrone or Usman. Gunnar Nelson, he beat Jouban so I’d love to beat someone that took him out. Nelson did all the things my corner were telling me to do. He ran against Gunnar just like he did against me. I got annoyed, but Gunnar took him down and grounded him down. I think I’d do great against Gunnar, I’d stick and move and if he tries to clinch with me, well I showed against Danny Roberts that every time he grabbed me, I smashed him with big knees and dirty boxing.”

One man who Perry did meet a while back was the UFC welterweight champion, . Perry acknowledged that there was a good respect between the two, and that the champ was well aware of his rise up the 170-pound division.

“You know who’s coming—the champ knows who’s coming—Tyron Woodley,” Perry said. “Out of all respect, I say this out of all respect to Tyron. I met him recently in Puerto Rico and he was very gracious and humble. He’s earned the respect of everyone and deserves that. You know what though? He knows. He knows that I’m going to give this division trouble. He knows I’m on my way to him. I might even train with him, who knows. Maybe when he gives up that belt he can show me a few tricks or whatever after.”

While Woodley may be aware of Perry’s ascension up the division, the next task ahead for the Team Sparta man is Ellenberger. Suffice to say, Perry is ready for war.

"I'm going to lay his ass down one more time before he exits the game,” Perry said. “Who knows if he will continue fighting after. He's not that old, he's not as old as Jouban. I thought he was like 36, that's just the way he fights and he looks. He looks older than he is because he's been beaten up. He's got a ton of fights man and he's got a ton of experience, but he better be working, man, because that's not going to be enough. I'm coming for the kill man. It doesn't matter what I say, it only matters what I'm doing right now and how I'm working and he doesn't get to see that. He doesn't have to believe it now, but he's going to believe it on the night. I'm going to smash this old fool."

Mike Perry vs. Jake Ellenberger kicks off the UFC Nashville main card this Saturday, April 22, on FOX Sports 1.

"Platinum" Mike Perry UFC Record (2-1):

  • L - Alan Jouban, unanimous decision, UFC on FOX 22 (12/17/16)
  • W - Danny Roberts, KO (knees and punches), R3 4:40, UFC 204 (10/8/16)
  • W - Hyun Gyu Lim, KO (punches), R1 3:38, UFC 202 (8/20/16)


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