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Elias Cepeda

It took a hilarious spoof video from expert MMA satirist Tommy Toe Hold (below), but former longtime UFC play-by-play television commentator Mike Goldberg finally spoke about his departure from the promotion. Most fans probably didn't realize it because the UFC didn't give any indication of it during the recent telecast, but UFC 207 was Goldberg's final call.

New names are coming into the UFC broadcast booth as Goldberg says goodbye to the organization he's worked for under three different owners, spanning 19 years.

"I wish I could respond to every single fan, fighter and member of the media who reached out and showed their support, gratitude and appreciation!" the longtime voice of the UFC wrote on Twitter.

"It has been overwhelming and so gratifying.!"

Goldberg didn't shed light on the circumstances of his departure in the letter or give any indication of future professional plans, but he did take a few lines to compliment Tommy Toe Hold for his lovingly teasing farewell to Goldberg (above). He also poked fun of one of his own unintentionally funny enthusiastic expressions.

"Tommy Toe Hold, that video was hilarious!" he continued, before ending his letter with a depreciating joke.

"And just for the record, I still believe that Anderson Silva's Precision is Precise!"


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