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Justin Golightly

While the world gears up for the Rizin Openweight Grand Prix late tonight—or early in the morning, depending on your location—ROAD Fighting Championship has just concluded their own Openweight tournament.

The towering giant, Hong Man Choi stepped into the cage against Siala-Mou Siliga a.k.a. Mighty Mo in the Openweight final to decide the first ROAD Openweight champion. It didn't last long.

Most of the round found Mighty Mo trying to gauge and close the distance, while Choi lumbered around, wary of his power. Before the first round ended, Mo caught Choi backing himself up against the cage with his hands down and leaped in with a serious bomb of a right hand. That heat-seeking missile would slay the giant much like Mark Hunt did in his fight with Stefan Struve.

In the earlier rounds of the Openweight tournament, Mo earned victories over Mu Bae Choi and Hyun Man Myung. His knockout victory over Choi would close out the tournament and crown Mo the very first ROAD Openweight champion.


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