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If there's any fighter who could possibly know what's going through the head of these days, it's .

Tate has not only shared the Octagon with Rousey on two separate occassions, but has enjoyed a reality hosting stint opposite "Rowdy" on the 18th season of The Ultimate Fighter. And like Rousey, "Cupcake" is also familiar with the confidence-shattering that comes with losing the women's bantamweight title in one-sided fashion, having been upended by Amanda Nunes in what would have been her first defense at .

So when it was revealed that Rousey would be returning from a year-long hiatus to receive an immediate title shot against Nunes at , you could almost guarantee that Tate would take the news better than, say, Julianna Pena.

When asked how she felt about the booking of Rousey-Nunes, Tate was characteristically blunt, stating that "it doesn't matter what I'm okay with."

Tate claimed that she "fully anticipated" that Rousey's comeback would include an immediate title shot, crediting her foe's lengthy winning streak as champion and evergreen marketability as logical enough reasons for giving her such an opportunity.

Of course, Rousey's reveal that her upcoming fight would be one of her last, win or lose, certainly came as a surprise to some. According to Tate, however, it's an announcement that anyone whose been paying attention to the timeline of Rousey (and/or her increased sewing efforts) should have seen coming for quite a while now. But rather than seeing her rematch Holly Holm, or finally agree to bout with Cris "Cyborg", Tate would prefer to seal the book on their rivalry once and for all.

"I know she's talking about retirement, and I don't know why everyone's so surpised about that," commented Tate. "I feel like that was something she was saying before she fought Holly, that she was coming to a close. For me, I just want to fight her one more time, granted that she goes out there and does well and wants to continue fighting ... so hopefully it's not too much of a race against the clock."

Regardless of where Rousey ends up after her bout with Nunes, UFC President Dana White has confirmed that whenever Rousey does decide to hang up the gloves, she'll be doing so for good. While many fans would prefer to see Rousey call it quits following a bout with "Cyborg," there would be no complaints about seeing Rousey and Tate, her greatest in-ring rival, battle it out one more time.

Would you like to see Rousey and Tate square off one final time?


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