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Kel Dansby

Former UFC bantamweight champion hasn't been retired from mixed martial arts for very long, but she has a good idea of what she'd like to do with her future. One of MMA's most decorated female fighters, Tate now eyes a future in entertainment, and the WWE is one company on her radar.

Having already joined the UFC on FOX broadcast team, Tate was recently at the "UFC Fight Night: London" Q&A and expressed interest in making an appearance at a WWE event.

“I would love to [appear on WWE],” Tate said when asked if she'd follow Rousey's lead and jump to the WWE. “It would be fun. I would love to."

“I’m open to all kinds of things like that. It would be a lot of fun.”

made an appearance at 31 and received a huge reception from the WWE crowd, but she was at the height of her fame.

It remains to be seen whether a fighter like Tate, who has an average profile in the MMA world, can make a splash in a huge company like the WWE.


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