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Mickey Gall is taking out former WWE Champions and Sage Northcutt is doing flips and crushing apples for Chrissy Teigen, why not make this fight between them just a little more interesting?

Ever since his call out of the "corny," kid-tested-mother-approved acrobat, Gall has wanted to put their respective hair styles on the line in a stipulation stripped straight from professional wrestling: a hair versus hair match.

Today on The MMA Hour, Gall is still pushing for it.

With all this hair talk, Northcutt himself commented on Gall's up-do in pretty much the most polite trash talk one could muster on a previous episode of The MMA Hour. This is one of the reasons why Northcutt is so beloved by fans' moms. His harshest statement against his opponent was to say maybe he needs to look into styling products.

"You know what's funny, Mr Helwani? [Mickey Gall] said he was gonna' punch the spikes out of my hair," said Northcutt. "You know, His hair kinda' looks like mine; it just doesn't have the hair gel in it. I'm thinking he should get some hair gel and style it or something."

While admits that wasn't "UFC caliber," he'll concede that is up for a good fight.

However, Gall does believe that he's better in every aspect of MMA, and will look to prove it at then move on to bigger things... Where hair may or may not be on the line.

Listen to Mickey Gall's full segment below.


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