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and have been going back and forth since the start of the year, but that all might now be over.

In a video sent by Page to, the British welterweight explains that he was offered a fight with Daley for an unannounced Bellator event in the English capital that he says is happening in September.

“So check this—Bellator contact me with some news—amazing,” Page said. “We’re going to main event, you and Paul Daley back in London in September, that’s just what I wanted to hear. After Paul Daley loses horribly to , he decides to call me out. He gets outside of the cage and conducts himself unprofessionally—causing a bit of a scuffle outside of the cage—no problem, now it’s going to happen. Main event, in London, September.”

Sounds good, right? Unfortunately, Page says he got a nasty shock when the fight was offered to Daley.

“But check this, Paul Daley, for the third time this year has said he’s not going to fight me,” Page said. “I know, I know, I know, you’re thinking the same thing—it doesn’t make sense, he called me out, but yes.”

It would appear that Page is now done with the idea of ever facing Daley, but he left one last stinging message for the man who was defeated last month by Rory MacDonald.

“Paul Daley you’re a disappointment to every UK fighter,” Page said. “You’re a disappointment to every MMA fan that wanted to see this fight and there’s a lot of people that wanted to see this fight. You’re a straight disappointment. You’re forever going to be known as Paula ‘Tampax’ Daley. That is your legacy. Like I said, this is the third time now and you’re out. Don’t ever ask me to fight again.”

We have reached out to Bellator PR to confirm the London event in September and the latest developments between Daley and Page.


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