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Michael Bisping and Yoel Romero do not exactly get along. Have you seen this? Have you heard about this? Apparently, Bisping's decision to surpass the Cuban Olympian (and true #1 contender) in favor of a money fight with Georges St-Pierre did not go over well with "The Solider of God", who has vowed to fight "The Count" even if he loses his upcoming title fight.

But what's a little deep-seated hatred to get in the way of a little friendly mockery, amiright? No doubt inspired by the nearly incomprehensible tongue-lashing Romero gave him during a recent appearance on his radio show, the middleweight champion broke out an absolutely brilliant impression of Romero during a segment on last night's UFC Tonight.

The segment, which also featured master impressionist Kenny Florian trotting out his best Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz, is sure to only fuel Romero's quest to get his hands on Bisping in as timely a manner as possible. Until then, we shall have to wait on baited breath to see what Romero's impression of Bisping could possibly look like.

Bonus video: Kenny Florian's Al Pacino impression from Renato Laranja's 'Heatch' is must-see.


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