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For , fighting was a lot harder than just staying away from Henderson's knockout punches.

Bisping fought Henderson earlier this month at UFC 204, defending his middleweight title in his hometown of Manchester, England. It was a controversial fight that had fans discussing for days who really won the decision.

This fight also had fans questioning Bisping for not decisively beating the 46-year-old Henderson, who was 3-6 in his last nine bouts, and had shown signs of a possibly diminished chin. For Bisping, defeating Henderson was not as easy task, at least mentally.

"Do you know how hard it is, regardless of whether or not he was getting older, when a guy dominated you the first time, knocked you out cold? I didn't talk about this before the fight because I didn't even want to think about these things," Bisping told Sirius XM Rush. "The day of the fight, in bed, when you're alone with your thoughts, and you know, I had a lot of nerves because the last time I went up against this guy [Henderson], he beat the living daylight off me and knocked me into oblivion. I was unconscious for a very, very long time, and I didn't have my faculties for a couple of hours the first time I fought him."

Both Henderson and Bisping previously fought at UFC 100. That night didn't end well for the British fighter. Henderson clipped Bisping with a right hand that sent Bisping stiff to the canvas. That knockout was followed up with Henderson flying over the unconscious Bisping and delivering an extra strike. That memorable scene has haunted Bisping throughout his career, so fighting Henderson a second time was more complex.

"That took a lot of balls, and no one else in the division is capable of doing that quite like Dan Henderson," Bisping said. "So, anyone that says I was looking for an easy payment, they can kiss my ass. I was trying to get revenge on the toughest most devastating loss that I went through, or that anyone has ever been through in the UFC."

Not only did Bisping complete his first title defense, thus adding an extra win to his record at UFC 204, he also won the battle against his own mental adversity to defeat the man who handed him one of the most devastating losses in MMA history.


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