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When UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping isn't smashing in people's faces or filming action movies, he's helping a boy raise money in his battle against cancer. Bisping took to social media today to call people's attention to a little boy struggle with cancer who needs all the financial help he can get to afford a necessary treatment.

The boy, who Bisping says he calls "Leo The Lion," is a three time cancer survivor who is battling a brain tumor for the fourth time and needs to have a special treatment.

"The only thing to save him is Proton Therapy in Oklahoma," Bisping said. "We need to raise £150,000. Please give what you can. This poor child needs our help. Do something good today instead of buying that coffee or that soda. Give as much or as little as you can, and please help save this young mans life. He has done everything he can, now we have to help him. Please! His family are close to me and I will not stop until we reach the limit."


The official GoFundMe page shows a collage of images of Leo, who needs to fly to Oklahoma from the UK in a matter of weeks in order to save the young man's life.


Leo is just three-years-old and has, "fought through, two very rare aggressive cancerous brain tumours, undergone 2 major brain operations, intensive chemotherapy, fought off septicemia which attacked his lungs and liver and various other complications in the last 9 months," according to the fundraising page.

If you would like to make a donation you can do so here.


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