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In just a few days, 2016 will be a collection of memories. It’s been a great year for me, a not-so-great year for celebrities (the Reaper was busy this year). I’ve been blessed with three victories, a title, a title defense, vengeance, movie roles and most importantly, a beautiful family that I love and cherish more than anything.

So, how do you celebrate the end of a year like that? I’ll tell you how: you do it with your family. That’s how I’ll be celebrating New Year’s Eve. Friday night, I’ve got FOX commentary duties for , so I’ll be on a plane headed home on Saturday afternoon.

We don’t really have any plans set in stone. My mom and my sister and my sister’s boyfriend are staying with us for the holidays, so we’re going to keep it pretty low key. We’ll probably go to a nice restaurant for a nice meal and a few cocktails. That will be about it.

My days of going crazy and partying on New Year’s Eve are behind me. Not that I’m too old for it or anything like that, but to be honest, my life is pretty crazy, so I don’t need a special occasion like NYE to enjoy myself. Every bloody time I go out, it’s like somebody’s bachelor party, so I’m covered in that regard.

As far as resolutions, I always strive toward eating better, but I’m a fan of great food so that one always becomes a bit of a year-long job in its own right. I always strive to improve, to be better than last year. I have this incredible gym that I’m partners with in, so its success is a big priority for me.

Career-wise, I’ve got a lot of active things in the pipeline and hopefully, they all come off. I’ll be headed to Toronto to film a TV show out there, I’ve got three movies in the works and hopefully, a Netflix series, as well.

There’s also a mega-fight that I’m looking at right now, too. God willing, that one comes to fruition. I’m not going to say the name, but let’s just say the nickname is three letters that end in “SP.” I want to get that mega-fight because, well, who doesn’t want a big money fight?! I also want to fight the Number-1 contender, whoever that may be, probably Yoel Romero or Jacare. We’ll see how the cards lie in the coming weeks.

With 2017 just days away, we can start looking forward to the fights we’d like to see happen. I’ve got a few on my wish list:

  • Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier
 - This fight is at the top of my list simply because it’s been delayed for so long. I think everyone wants—no, we need—to see this fight.
  • Tony Ferguson vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov - 
These guys bring it and it will be interesting to see how their styles match up.
  • Conor McGregor vs. winner of Ferguson/Nurmagomedov
 - No explanation necessary. You can figure it out, surely.

In closing out this last blog of 2016, I want to acknowledge how very blessed I am. I travel the world, I punch people for a living, I make movies, I’m married to a gorgeous woman and have beautiful children. I don’t need New Year’s Eve to celebrate life—I celebrate life every day. I sincerely wish you all a healthy, happy, prosperous New year.

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