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In the last few weeks, I’ve gotten back into my daily routine and got some much needed R&R.

The lack of MMA shows over the majority of the month seems to make the mediascape seem a little barren, but there were a couple stories that been caught my eye: GSP’s return and Jon Jones’ possible return.

I saw that he’s announced his free agency and has been in heavy negotiations with the UFC, but things went sideways. I haven’t really followed it too closely, but it seems like he’s trying to get out of the deal he had before he semi-retired.

He’s probably thinking about all the money the little leprechaun is getting, and feels like maybe he should be getting something close to that.

The other, more interesting thing that’s come from all the GSP news is that Michael Bisping is actively campaigning to fight him at UFC 206, and who can blame him. No offense to Georges, but that was really the easiest fight choice for Mike. I know Dana has said it won’t happen at 206, but it could down the road.

Out of the cluster of talent that’s fast closing in on Bisping, and Georges coming off a three-plus year layoff, it becomes pretty clear why GSP becomes the frontrunner. It’s the best match-up for him—I don’t want to say the easiest, but it’s definitely ideal.

Here’s how I see that fight going down, Mike will probably pepper him from the outside, taking him apart round by round. All he has to do is defend the takedown and not get humped too bad.

Any of the Top 4 guys would probably handle him pretty well. I’m undecided about Yoel Romero, but you never know. He has a really good shot against Chris Weidman, and their fight will likely come down to conditioning.

Luke has a really good shot at beating Jacare again. He looks better now than he did in their first fight, so I don’t see him having a problem taking the rematch pretty comfortably. That said, Jacare is tough on his feet and has an incredible, controlling ground game.

Of the four, I think Luke has the best chance at being champ again.

Now, onto Jones and his tainted supplements. I think I read something saying he may be getting a reduced suspension, so I doubt we see him compete again in 2016. They’d want at least a couple months to market his return.

Jon is such a classic example of a guy that’s allowed his repeated poor choices to make a mess of his career. He’s on his second suspension, been stripped of his title and done almost irreparable damage to his image. He’s lost the respect of his fans and peers, including myself.

He’s just not representing the sport very well. I take pride in the fact that I’ve tried to do my very best to help build this community and not bring any more negativity to it. We have enough trouble with ridding ourselves of the “human cockfighting” stigma we’ve carried for so long.

When you’re as high profile an athlete as he is, you’re under a microscope. You can’t afford to be making mistakes one after the other the way Jon has, because it makes all of us look bad.

I think if Jon were to get his shit together and fly right from here on out, he could recover his image to a satisfactory degree. The one thing that people will find the hardest to forgive and will likely never forget, is the hit and run. That’s probably going to follow him forever, but if he were to show that he’s learned from his mistakes, the sky is the limit for Jon Jones.


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