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A lot of noise has been made of Dan Henderson’s statement of a third fight with me. The guy put forth a great performance for a couple minutes and a few of his fans boosted his ego with the typical, ‘You won that fight, Bro,’ but if you’re honest with yourself, you’ll soon recognize that Dan Henderson is best served by staying retired.

He landed two good shots, and God bless him for wanting to stay relevant a little longer, but you know what he can do? He can wait seven f**king years, just like I had to. For the longest time, he said it didn’t interest him because I had nothing for him.

Now, it doesn’t interest me, because I just whooped your ass. But, if you really want that rematch, we can do it in seven years, if you’re still alive.

Now let’s talk about a guy coming out of retirement that would have made a lot of sense for me to match up with: Georges St-Pierre. Here’s a guy that’s only 35 years old, retired as champion and is likely still a phenomenal athlete, even after three years out of the game.

He reached out a while back about a fight with me, and of course I said yes. That would be big business. Everyone is trying to get paid, to make as much money as possible. He’s a big draw, and I would be interested in that fight.

I started hearing things from the UFC that it could be a reality and was told not to say anything. Obviously, I couldn’t keep my mouth shut, though. I do apologize for that.

Now, it appears the fight won’t be happening, maybe because of contractual holdups.

I have no idea what that video was about. From what I can gather, he is trying to patch things up with the UFC, talking about the deal not being right and this and that. Georges is a class act and a respectful guy, he always has been. I’ve got nothing against the guy. It’s just too bad we couldn’t make the fight happen.

I will say this, I am absolutely amenable to another fight. Let me make this crystal clear: I am available and ready to fight on UFC 206. If GSP doesn’t want to fight or be the people’s champion of Canada, I am still available. I’m looking at you, Nick Diaz. Let’s give the fans a fight they want to see and make some money along the way.

I know Pettis vs. Holloway will be a great fight, but imagine the boost in pay-per-view buys if Nick and I headlined the event. That would be a ratings machine.

So, if you’re paying attention, Nick, do what Georges didn’t—sign on the dotted line and show him how crowd pleasing fights get made.


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