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This Saturday, Michael Bisping will try to avenge his knockout loss to Dan Henderson and defend his newly-polished UFC Middleweight title.

"Dan Henderson is going try to knock me out-to knock me out cold in front of you guys. I don't need any more motivation than that," Bisping said after the UFC 204 open workouts.

Bisping is bound and determined to win the fight at UFC 204 in Manchester, England. Not only does he promise a win, but he's going to try and finish Henderson to really put the exclamation point on the victory.

"It could be a head kick, it could be a right hook, it could be left hook Larry once again. Listen, I'll take a win any way I can take it, but make no mistake, I'm looking to finish this guy. Simple as that," Bisping said. "He knocked me out, he gave me a another dig, good for him. Well done. I'm going to knock him out, believe you me, then I'll help him up off the canvas because I'm not a thug."

If Bisping defeats Henderson to retain his title, then he'll have no shortage of opponents waiting for him but he thinks they need some work.

"Number one, Rockhold, I just knocked him out. Number two, Chris Weidman, just got spanked big time off Rockhold. Three, Jacare just got beat off Romeo and Romero is suspended for taking steroids," Bisping said. "So, if one of them get their act together and win a fight, then, I'll fight any of them."

If the top four fighters in the Middleweight division can't "get their act together," Bisping has his eye on a superfight with another UFC legend.

"I'm going to win that [Henderson] fight and if GSP wants it in Toronto in December, I'm good," Bisping said. "GSP keeps talking, it's time to do some walking. I'll happily knock Dan Henderson out, have a beer with a few of you guys, and get straight back in the gym."

These last three fights Bisping has had are career-defining. First, a victory over Anderson Silva, then knocking out Luke Rockhold to earn the title, and now Henderson waits. Bisping seemed humbled by the journey and read to cement his legacy.

"I never thought when I started this as a kid I'd be standing here now doing this. I was eight when I started jiu-jitsu. I never thought it'd take me here, never in a million years. To be fighting back in Manchester, it's amazing," Bisping said.


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