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This past Saturday, we had a UFC 208 card that was marred by controversy in a couple fights. The main and co-main events ended up causing quite a stir, so I’d like to address those here in my blog.

Germain de Randamie and the punches after the bell

The first one, I kind of had no problem with. Germaine threw a one-two combination, and when you throw one of these, your brain decides you’re going to throw that combination as a whole, not in part. It doesn’t tell you to throw one punch, then resets and tells you to throw the second punch. It tells you to throw the combination as a whole, as one action. The bell rang as the jab landed and then the right hand came after it, so I had no problem with that one, because her brain had already sent the signal to her body to throw that combination and the bell happened to ring in between the punches.

The second one looked like it was a bit more clearly after the bell, and maybe a bit more intentional, so it seemed a little more on the cheap side, but until the referee gets in there and drags you off, I guess you keep fighting. Do I think Germaine won? I don’t really know. It was a very close, hard-fought scrap.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports
Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Anderson Silva vs. Derek Brunson

It was a weird fight, and at the end of it, myself and everybody that was at my house watching the fight, we all thought that Brunson was going to get his hand raised. No disrespect to Brunson, but it looked like Anderson could have done a lot more. He allowed Brunson to steal the rounds, and when Anderson did do something it was largely because Derek seemed a little gunshy, probably because he was knocked out in his last fight by Whittaker. Anytime Anderson threw, Brunson was definitely on the back foot.

Thing is, Anderson didn’t throw enough. He clowned everybody. He clowned his fans and Derek. Grabbing the Thai clinch and then letting Brunson throw 10 punches to the face without even attempting to throw a knee or letting go of the clinch—I just didn’t understand what he was doing there. It was very frustrating to watch, but in the end, myself and everybody in the house thought that Brunson had won that fight. Anderson should count himself very lucky.

Jacare Souza

Jacare definitely looks a little different these days. His shoulders have definitely decreased in size. Pre- compared to now … you can say what you want, but you were on steroids, my friend. I see a difference in size and a difference in muscle tone throughout your entire body.

On your feet, prior to getting the takedown on Boetsch, you looked so awkward and timid. You actually looked like an absolute amateur on the feet. You looked worried, concerned, scared. It’s good that you got that takedown because your striking is terrible. Tim made a rookie mistake and left the arm out. All credit to Jacare for seizing the moment and getting the submission. Don’t brag too much, though. There’s a reason why he was ranked No. 13 and you were ranked No. 2.

Everyone wants a crack at me

Jacare wants a crack at the title. wants a shot. At the end of the day, there’s multiple people that want a chance to fight me for the belt, but no matter who ends up getting there first, the others are going to complain. If I fight Yoel, Jacare will complain. If I fight Jacare, Yoel will complain. If I fight , everyone will complain.

Whomever it is, you can’t keep everybody happy. I can’t fight them all at the same time, but don’t worry, one by one, I’ll get through them all. Right now, Yoel is the consensus No. 1 contender, so maybe I’ll fight him, but if GSP happens to come out of the woodwork, and that fight gets offered, then I’ll take it first, because it’s a bigger fight. If it turns out that it’s Yoel, especially since he’s the No. 1 contender, I’ve got no problem getting in there and beating his ass.

Johny Hendricks at 185

I’ve always been a big fan of Johny’s because he’s just such a nice guy. Maybe moving up to 185 is going to be a blessing in disguise for him. We’ve seen Kelvin Gastelum really shine at that weight and he looked fantastic against Tim Kennedy, so maybe the same will be applicable for .

I do think Johny may be a little undersized for the division. He was unlucky in his last fight against Magny, because I actually think he won that fight. Now, he’s going up against Hector Lombard, and that’s a tough outing. Hector hits incredibly hard, and has that great judo background with a very low center of gravity—because he’s a little, tiny poison dwarf—and is super hard to take down.

Who wins this? I don’t know. I’m not a fan of Lombard, so I’ll be rooting for Johny Hendricks to get the job done. This is a good stylistic matchup, and I hope it gets Johny back on track. I certainly wish him all the best this weekend.

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