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Matt Juul

You've seen it pick up cars, saw through sheets of metal, and roll around town like an suped up Army tank. Now it's time for some real action.

Team USA and the crew behind the Mark III are gearing up for their upcoming Giant Robot Duel with Japan's Suidobashi Heavy Industry. Over the past several months, the Americans have been offering fans sneak peeks at their progress with their awesome MegaBots YouTube channel.

Now, after all that blood, sweat, and hard work, Team USA is finally ready to throw down against their Japanese rivals in what's sure to be an historic robo-battle. The MegaBots crew announced this week that the Giant Robot Duel will take place this August.

"We've been toiling night and day creating a robot that shall preserve our lives in glorious combat," a Team USA member says in the announcement video. "The Mark III is a 12 ton, 16-feet tall, 430 horsepower, steel-crushing MegaBot. It doesn't even matter what Suidobashi has been doing for the past year."

For anyone who grew up loving or the Megazord, this one's for you.

Check out past episodes of MegaBots below.


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