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Following Dana White's revelation on Conan that Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather will actually bah gawd happen, the trash-talk between the UFC lightweight champion and the boxing great has officially been kicked back into overdrive. Most recently, McGregor triumphantly declared that he would knock out Mayweather and shock the world of boxing in the process, which he took one step closer to doing by finally settling his whole UFC 202 fine business with the Nevada Athletic Commission last week.

It only being a matter of time before Mayweather was informed of McGregor's latest prediction, "Money" offered a surprisingly reverent response while speaking with Fight Hype yesterday.

"I feel like he’s entitled to feel the way he wants to feel. Only thing you can do is respect that," said Mayweather.

"I just want to say, Dana White, I was overseas when they told me what you said. I wanna say, good work Dana White. Conor McGregor, they said you finally opened your mouth and you’re back to talking s**t and I say that’s cool too."

Mayweather, who has officially come out of retirement in an effort to face McGregor, has not been so kind to the Irishman in the past. Earlier in the month, Mayweather told McGregor that he would be "smart to let [me] whoop his ass" before he "loses in the UFC again", adding yet another chapter into what has been a seemingly endless back-and-forth in the media.

But of course, when questioned on White's assertion that the fight would happen, Mayweather was not so respectful.

“It’s about what I say," he said.

"It’s whatever I say. Like I’ve said before, it is what it is. If it happens, it happens. We’ll just see.”


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