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Max Holloway finally has some gold around his waist (albeit an interim title), and all it took was ten impressive wins in a row to get there.

Incredibly, Holloway now more wins than Jose Aldo has total fights inside the UFC. Still on "Cloud 14" after his stoppage win against Anthony Pettis at UFC 206, Holloway appeared on The MMA Hour just as word was coming out that Aldo expected and accepted a fight with Holoway at UFC 208.

"It's news to me. I guess we found where Waldo is so I'm glad. It's time to see what happens," Holloway told FOX Sports. "We're going to talk to the UFC, see what UFC says or see if he's just trying to f-cking start some sh-t,"

"Jose [Aldo] got knocked out, Conor [McGregor] was doing his thing chasing Jose around forever. He finally got the fight, the 13-second [knockout] happened and Jose loses his mind," Holloway said. "Gets the fight with Frankie [Edgar], which I think I should have had the fight at [UFC] 200 with him. They gave it to Frankie though, he wins and then he starts chasing Conor around. He can't get Conor so he says he's going to retire and play soccer and then he says and this is his words now, Jose says he doesn't want to fight the best anymore, he just wants money."

It seems like Holloway holds no bad blood against Conor McGregor for "holding up the division". On the contrary, he's pissed at Aldo for being so obsessed with McGregor, and agrees with the Irishman's long-public critique of Aldo's tendency to pull out of fights.

On the MMA Hour today, Holloway already talked about sacrifices he made for and told FOX Sports that he fears if he did the same for , then he'd be left high and dry.

"I'm not planning on giving up Christmas and my son's birthday for something that's going to be booked," Holloway said. "And Feb. 11 comes up and we're going to be f-cking looking at where's Jose Waldo."

That's not all, thinks there is a more sinister plan behind 's slippery approach to a fight as of late, since he's been calling for that fight all year. At least there is no shortage of opponents that could jump in if Aldo indeed pulls out for the sixth time.

"That [Aldo] is crazy. I just looked and it's eight weeks out already. That's why that mothef-cker wants to fight," Holloway added. "He wants me to be all drained out from two training camps in a row but that sh-t ain't going to happen."

Watch the full Max Holloway interview below.


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