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"Like I told you, kings go to other king's villages and they take over. He had everything I wanted, now his time is over. He was the greatest, he was the G.O.A.T., but welcome to [the] Blessed Era. You guys are all welcome with open arms."

These were the words of an ecstatic when he spoke to UFC on Fox after unifying the UFC featherweight title last evening.

Sitting in the Fox Sports studio, a man who could very well face him in a rematch down the line, Cub Swanson, asked the Hawaiian what was next for the new king at 145-pounds.

"Whoever, man. I told you I'm not racing through the division. I'm cleaning it up," Holloway responded. "Cub, you know I fought you [and] you can get it again. There's guys, there's other names. If I didn't fight you, you can get it. This is the Blessed Era, like I said again, come and get it."

The exchanges weren't over there. Swanson confirmed he'd "love to do it again, anytime," and then asked the new unified champion whether he believed it was time the UFC visited Hawaii. You can probably guess his response.

"Do you think it's time? Do all you guys up there think it's time? The whole world thinks it's time," Holloway said. "Hashtag . Lets get this damn thing done. I don't think, I bet you Bryant [Karyn] would come and fight if there was a UFC in Hawaii."

It seems that for the minute, at least, Holloway is just focused on enjoying the fruits his labor. He did mention that he would look to get back in the Octagon, but that he was expecting his paycheck to rise accordingly.

"[I'm] going to go home, eat some ice cream, get fat and get some acai tomorrow with some powdered milk and cashews," Holloway said. "Just enjoy life man. We got one week to enjoy it and then we get back to work. Dana White, you told me this is big game hunting. If this is the big game, you get the big paychecks, so it's time to have that talk baby. I want to get paid."

After his performance last evening, few could deny that he deserves it.

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