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Even before the hot air cooled off from the heated Jose Aldo rant about Max Holloway, there was an equally fiery response from the new interim featherweight champ himself.

Sure, originally Holloway was cautious about accepting a bout with Aldo in just two short months with the holidays and his kid's birthday coming up, especially when Aldo has a history of pulling out of title fights. However, the reason why Holloway isn't fighting Aldo isn't because of Disney Land, it's because of his foot.

His giant, bulbous, purplish foot.

“The next morning I woke up and my f-cking ankle was swollen as an elephant’s leg," Holloway said. "I told the UFC ASAP what was up and I don’t know why they didn’t announce it," Holloway said to FOX Sports. "“No contact, no nothing on my ankle. I can’t be kicking, I can’t be doing anything. I found out I re-injured an old injury in my ankle and I let them know I’m out four to six weeks."

So, while is red with rage over pulling out over a huge, red foot, Aldo has pulled out five times for injuries as well. For those MMA trivia fans out there, this is also the same foot that was injured during Holloway's fight with .

Despite the infliction of elephant leg, Holloway expects to make a quick return and open up the book to find "Jose Waldo" once again.

“I want to make sure I take care of this injury, heal up and then maybe the beginning of May or the end of April if that works," Holloway said. "With injuries, I’ve been able to heal pretty quick but they told me four to six weeks so we’ll see how it is."

After all, he's dreamed about Aldo for five years.


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