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Matt Juul

It sounds like Georges St-Pierre isn't the only former welterweight champion who's heading back to action.

During a chat on sportscaster Joe Buck's AT&T series Undeniable, UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes revealed that he's considering a return to the cage. The former champ added that he may currently be in talks with a promotion to get a fight on the books, although he wouldn't completely confirm a comeback.

"If I could find an opponent that I think I can beat, I would go again," Hughes said. "I might even be talking to an organization about that."

While nothing is set in stone yet, Hughes did tease the identity of his possible opponent.

Hughes told Buck that the guy he's considering fighting someone who once sat in the exact same chair for an interview with the sportscaster. This was likely an allusion to fellow UFC Hall of Famer and current Bellator fighter Royce Gracie, who appeared on the show earlier this year.

The pair previously threw down at UFC 60, with Hughes defeating the MMA pioneer via TKO.

With so many ex-UFC welterweight champs making comebacks, it must be only a matter of time until Matt Serra gets the itch again (we can dream, right?).


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