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Just when you thought all the fallout from was done, continues to rumble on and it's taken a hilarious twist.

The incident occurred in the second round of the lightweight title fight between and on Saturday. The champion, Gamrot, shot a for a takedown on Parke who sprawled quickly and placed his hips over the head over the champion. Parke looked for a guillotine, but quickly abandoned the choke after Gamrot defended it well, tucking in his chin. The Northern Irishman then cupped his hand over the mouth of the champion looking to disrupt his breathing, but that's when all the drama began.

Replay's show Parker's finger enter the mouth of Gamrot who can then be seen to visibly bite on the finger. Parke immediately reacted to the bite and after a brief flurry of positional transitions, the referee paused the fight and assessed the damage to Parke's finger.

Nothing was done about the incident in the cage, but Parke confirmed that he officially submitted an appeal to officials yesterday.

Until today, the champion had remained tight-lipped about the incident, but that all changed this afternoon on his Facebook page. The incident is anything but funny, but hats off to ever whomever put this together for the Polish champion.

"I guess Norman still cannot get over the fact that he lost to me on Satruday and is making wild accusations I bit him. First of all, I want to say that it was Norman who fouled me multiple times during, he shoved me in round two, grabbed the cage to defend my takedown in round three and was putting fingers into my mouth and fish-hooking me at least three times.

"In the given situation, he put a finger into my mouth and in the heat of the fight I might’ve actually clenched my teeth, what can be seen on the video, but it wasn’t intentional and it definitely couldn’t have been that painful as Norman portrays it to be as I was wearing mouthpiece.

"'Stormin' Norman Parke don’t be a cry baby, you lost fair and square, even the British judge scored the fight for me. Get your fat ass back to the line and maybe I’ll give you a rematch in the future."

What will happen now? Given it's one man's word against the other, it's likely that nothing will happen and the result will stand as a unanimous decision win for Gamrot.

Rest assured, this might not be the end of the Gamrot vs. Parke feud. KSW is rumored to be hosting in an event in either London or Ireland later this year. With KSW title matches set to be extended to five-round fights, a rematch could be in the cards, despite the champion's reluctance to accept that Parke is worthy of one.

In other news, KSW confirmed the official attendance figure for was 57,766. This now officially makes the event the second biggest in MMA history, only behind the legendary Pride Shockwave event from 2002.

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