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The UFC held it's annual Hall of Fame ceremony, as it does for every International Fight Week. At the ceremony, longtime matchmaker Joe Silva was inducted into the "Contributor" wing. During his speech, he offered fans a brief history of his time in the UFC and how he got his start.

Dana White began with an introduction, mentioning that Tito Ortiz first recommend Silva as a potential matchmaker. In his acceptance speech, Silva thanked both Ortiz and Chuck Liddell for mentioning him to the Fertittas and White when LLC. purchased the UFC from SEG Sports in 2001. He also thanked Campbell McLaren, who first brought him into the business.

Silva first developed a passion for mixed martial arts during his childhood. In his personal quest to become a martial artist, he developed a healthy skepticism of which techniques would work and which ones would not.

When the UFC first aired, it was something that satisfied his skepticism and would eventually be the start of a twenty-year career.

During his years with the UFC, Silva hired only one employee, current UFC matchmaker Sean Shelby, who began as his assistant, and eventually became his apprentice.

While Silva explained that he does not miss his work with the UFC, he still texts his former co-workers during fight night when news about match changes comes his way.

Joe Silva made the most memorable matches in UFC history, the ones that fans remember, and his legacy continues with Shelby, who learned the matchmaking trade from Silva.


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