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A freak experiment may have turned Luke Cage into Harlem's bulletproof hero, but had to work a bit harder in order to get into Power Man shape.

The actor recently opened up to Men's Journal about how he got jacked for the role with an intense training regimen. Rather than working with expensive nutritionists or overpriced personal trainers, Colter put together his own program and the results are undeniable.

Unfortunately, there's no -produced magic bullet that can give someone a shredded, superhero physique. According to Colter, the key is keeping things simple by eating right and putting in the hours at the gym.

"Some people act like there is so much mystery in getting fit, but the only secret there is to making it happen is time," he told Men's Journal. "I knew it was going to be a hard battle, and I was ready to put the time in."

While Coulter always tries to stay fit by eating clean foods like egg whites and fish, the Netflix star admitted that he isn't constantly in shape. He doesn't like to stay jacked all the time so that he can keep himself open for a variety of different acting opportunities.

However, when it came time to bulk up for Luke Cage, Colter stuck to "fundamental workouts," which he would do late at night after filming was over.

"I was doing a lot of deadlifts. I did squats when I could, but I also have sciatica, which can really kill me sometimes," Colter said. "It makes it difficult to pull them off without getting pain. Instead, I would get the same sort of results by doing some heavy leg presses or lunges to keep the stress off my spine."

This isn't the first time Colter has been forced to put his body through extreme training for a part. The actor revealed he went through a similar experience while working on Million Dollar Baby.

"I wasn’t really a boxer," Colter said. "I just worked hard to learn as much as I could before we were there on set. This was similar in the fact that it was another physical role, and I knew that I was going to have to put in the same kind of work that I did back then."

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