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Christmas may come early for lightweight and featherweight champion .

The outspoken Irish phenom recently asked to join the ownership group behind the promotion following his big win over Eddie Alvarez at in New York City. Now, actor and UFC minority stakeholder has chimed in on the situation, offering McGregor a piece of the pie.

During a recent interview with TMZ, Wahlberg said that the two-division champ needs to "cut a check" if he wants in on the action. However, he quickly followed that up by offering McGregor some of his shares.

"I'll give him a piece of mine because he is the face of the UFC right now," Wahlberg said. "He deserves that."

Although the actor is willing to help McGregor out, Wahlberg still insists that the UFC star throw some cash down if he wants to become a minority owner.

"In business, you got to cut the check," Wahlberg said.

The Hollywood star went on to praise McGregor's business acumen, revealing that he's open to working with the champ on other opportunities.

"He's a hustler like me," Wahlberg said. "There's probably a lot of other opportunities for us to go out there and make money and work together."

As for casting McGregor in one of his blockbuster films, Wahlberg admitted that he's definitely open to that possibility (he is already working with on Mile 22, after all).

"He's a movie waiting to happen," Wahlberg said. "Why not?"

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