ByJason Nawara, writer at
Jason Nawara

We now know that the Nevada State Athletic Commission has fined Brock Lesnar $250,000 and suspended him for one year after violating USADA's anti-doping policy at . In the time since the ruling came down, his opponent Mark Hunt has lawyered up and been outspoken about performance enhancing drug usage in the UFC.

Even now, with a quarter-million bucks taken from Lesnar and a substantial suspension getting handed down, Hunt doesn't think it's enough.

Hunt explained his feelings to MMA Fighting:

Hunt has made it known that he wants massive changes or he wants out of his UFC contract, but the question is — where would he go? USADA is by far the strictest drug tester in the sport of MMA, so what's next? is 42 years old. Is this retirement for Hunt?

I don't want to see him go yet.


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