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isn’t the biggest name in the UFC’s heavyweight division, but that could soon change at .

On June 17, the Pole takes on the former UFC heavyweight champion , in what will be his fourth fight under the UFC banner. Speaking earlier this week to, Tybura explained how much it meant to be him to be fighting a man he considers a legend of the sport.

“I was offered it just two weeks after my last fight,” Tybura said. “There’s not much to say really—my manager just called and said that the UFC offered the fight and I didn’t even need to think about it. I signed the contract and that was announced just two days later. This is all getting pretty serious now. Andrei is a legend and I’m so happy that I get to fight somebody like him. I respect him a lot, but right now, all I can do is focus on beating him and winning the fight.”

Despite having a lot of respect for his future adversary, Tybura knows that if he defeats Arlovski in Singapore, it could be the curtain call on the Belarusian’s career. While this might bother other fighters, Tybura says all he’s focused on is getting the job done when the Octagon door closes.

“It will certainly be hard for him to come back after a fifth loss,” Tybura said. “I think that would be it for him. Of course, it’s up to him what he does. He’s a warrior and he’s been doing MMA for such a long time and I can imagine that it won’t be easy for him to let go and quit just like that. But, when I give him his fifth loss in a row, I think it’s time for him to retire. Yes, I respect him, but that doesn’t make it hard for me to fight him. I have even fought with guys that are friends of mine and that’s never been a problem for me.”

Tybura isn’t just confident he will beat Arlovski on June 17—he thinks he will get the job done inside the distance with a round to spare.

“He’s a great striker, but I think he has a weak chin now,” Tybura said. “I think that will be an important part of this fight. I think I’m a better grappler than him—I don’t want to say what my gameplan is for the fight, but I can see some areas where I’m a much better fighter than him. I don’t think this one is going to go to a decision. I think it will end earlier—after the second round. I will finish him by submission.”

Having put back-to-back victories together following a loss on his promotional debut to Timothy Johnson, Tybura now feels he’s got to grips with life in the UFC and he’s ready to make a run for the top ten.

“My plan is to continue to climb the division and it’s my plan to show to everyone that I’m the best,” Tybura said. “He’s ranked at eight right now, so when I beat him I’m guessing that it will be higher than that. As I said, I’m just looking to be the best.”

With the UFC visiting Poland for the second time in their history in October, Tybura said he’d love to feature on the card and that he’s excited for the future of the sport in country.

“I’m not focused on fighting in Gdansk right now, but yes of course I’d love to fight on that card,” Tybura said. “I’ve not fought in Poland for like three and a half years now. All my fights have been abroad so it would be great to fight in front of the Polish fans one again. The Polish MMA scene is rising now. I thought it might stop growing a few years ago, but it continues to get better and better. The Polish stadium showed that. UFC in Gdansk—I think it will be a lot better than the last event in Krakow.”

Tybura vs. Arlovski will feature on the main card of UFCSingapore. In the main event, Holly Holm takes on Bethe Correia.

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