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Manny Pacquiao might be the greatest fighter of this generation not named . One half of the most watched sports pay per view of all time, and the man who retired Oscar de la Hoya, "" abruptly retired in April of 2016, but is coming back and plans to fight on November 5.

The fight drew 4.6 million buys and a $72 million live gate, making it the most profitable event in boxing history. Pacquiao was disappointed in the fight after losing a unanimous decision, and announced afterward that he suffered a shoulder injury prior to the match, but did not want to pull out of the fight.

So, as Pacquiao, 58-6-2, gets ready to return to the cage, a win by the once-great champion could set up a major rematch with Mayweather (even though he's retired, he could likely be drawn out for a big money fight), one that would likely be the second most watched fight of all time.

Things are different now, of course. Pacquiao is 38, and is a member of the Philippine Congress. He is a first-term senator, and completely consumed by politics in his home country. His training camp has been shortened for the fight, but he could be on the cusp of a Mayweather rematch if he can win on November 5.

Pacquiao will fight Jessie Vargas, 27-1, for the WBO welterweight championship.

Before stepping away from sport, Pacquiao plowed through several weight divisions, stunning fighters and fans with his wicked hand speed, quick footwork, and Tasmanian-devil like aggression. He steamrolled fighter after fighter before he was finally knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez, a fighter that he had previously taken to a highly controversial split-decision draw.

Pacquiao never regained the glory he once had, but he still remains one of the best fighters in, and near, that division, and has name value second only to Mayweather, who retired with a record of 49-0.

In preparation for his upcoming fight, here's a look at some of Pacquiao's best battles.

Pacquiao vs. Oscar de la Hoya

Pacquiao vs. Brandon Rios

Pacquiao vs. Miguel Cotto

Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley II

Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito (Fight Highlights)


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