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Reports had all but confirmed for an April 23rd fight with fellow welterweight , but as those familiar with boxing know, nothing is final until the ink is dry.

Top Rank President Bob Arum has announced that the Pacquiao vs. Khan fight has fallen through, and this leaves Pacquiao (the boxer) in quite a predicament.

"[Pacquiao's adviser] Michael (Koncz) is on his way back to meet with Manny but it's kaddish for the UAE deal," said Arum to ESPN. "I'm talking to him about another proposal for another fight, not Khan. Khan won't be Manny's next opponent."

The difficulty of booking the 39-year-old boxer is managing fights around his busy schedule as a Senator in the Philippines. Pacquiao was elected as a Senator in 2016, and they've had a full year to learn how to fit boxing into his small windows of lower activity.

Bob Arum had this to say last year when discussing how he'd work around Pacquiao's schedule.

“The truth is it (Pacquiao’s next bout) would be some time before the end of June. Now exactly when that will be, I can't rely on anybody except going over there and meeting with the president of the senate and determine what the schedule is for the Senate,” said Arum.

“I know they (Senate) have recesses scheduled but once I get the schedule of the Senate going forward, then I'll sit with Manny, we'll plan the date and we'll get an opponent.”

Pacquiao went on the fight in April of 2016, around the same timeframe planned for the Khan fight before it fell through, and again in November.

That means that Pacquiao has six weeks to find and train for a new opponent. Arum can look to rekindle talks with Australian boxer Jeff Horn, whom Pacquiao was originally rumored to fight this spring.

That buys them time to find a higher profile fighter for Pacquiao's presumed November fight. Amir Khan may fit better at that time or they may visit the possibility of Manny Pacquiao trying his hand against junior welterweight Terence Crawford.

Bob Arum knows Manny Pacquaio better than anyone and it's safe to assume he already has a solid plan established for what may be Pacquiao's last year in the ring.


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