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For those of you holding out hope that Nate Diaz completes the trilogy with his UFC nemesis, , you may have to wait for the Stockton native to battle someone else first.

FOX Sports’ Damon Martin reports that Diaz’ agent, Lloyd Pierson, has filed a lawsuit against the UFC lightweight superstar.

According to documentation obtained by TMZ, Nate’s management, The Ballengee Group, filed the suit in L.A. Superior County court, asking for damages in excess of $1-million. The lawsuit claims that the agents helped Diaz negotiate his last few fights, including the mega moneymaker rematch against Mcgregor. Diaz was paid a whopping $2-million up front and got a cut of the PPV points, as well.

Diaz allegedly fired the management group after the deal had been made, just before the rematch with Mystic Mac. The group claims that Diaz never paid them their cut of the profits from that fight.

Diaz has yet to comment on the situation, but we imagine it might look something like this:

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