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Andreas Hale

What could seemingly be a new beginning for the MMA community as the MMA Athletes Association was formally announced today via a conference call featuring some of the sport's biggest names.

The MMA Athletes Association includes the likes of Georges St-Pierre, Cain Velasquez, Donald Cerrone, Tim Kennedy and former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for Bellator MMA, Bjorn Rebney.

While the announcement could be revolutionary and change how mixed martial artists are compensated, you would think that just about all fighters and managers would support it. However, Malki Kawa -- whose clients include Jon Jones, Derrick Lewis, Alistair Overeem, Tyron Woodley and others -- isn't a fan. Not because of the fighters, but because of the involvement of Bjorn Rebney.

The First Round Management President & CEO took to Twitter to air out his grievances with, what he calls, "another attempt" at a union.

Kawa panned Rebney's involvement the day the press release for the big announcement began to circulate.

"He was the most anti-fighter promoter I ever met," Kawa said. "Contract worse than ufc, and he was a nightmare compared to ufc to deal with."

Kawa cited how Rebney handled fighter pay and insurance during his time at Bellator as the reason why his involvement turned him off.

Ultimately, Kawa wrote Rebney off as a "scumbag" and will only support the MMA Athletes Association as long as the former Bellator CEO doesn't get a slice of the pie.

"Absolutely," Kawa responded when asked if he was pro-union. "I've been fighting the fighters fight for a lot of things for years. But this, its bullsh-t. Sounds good today but we'll see. Bjorn is a snake."


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