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Mackenzie Dern is one of the most decorated Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners in the world and has gone 2-0 so far in her professional MMA career, so it's no surprise that she would be compared to judo Olympic medalist and former world champion, Ronda Rousey. So when she stepped on the red carpet at the MMA Awards last weekend, she was bound to be asked what would happen if the two ever rolled.

"I think it would be a fun roll," she said. "We'd have a lot of good transitions. I think in the end I would win the round."

Dern is the number one pound-for-pound ranked black belt in the world, and believes that if she fought Rousey in a 10-minute straight BJJ match, she could make her tap at least two or three times.

"She's a great athlete, but I've fought tons of great athletes."

Dern faced another BJJ phenom in Gabi Garcia when she competed at World Pro Abu Dhabi in 2015 for the black belt absolute division. The absolute division is open weight, and here Gabi is considerably larger than Dern. The match ended with Dern the victor by way of points.

hopes to become the next UFC world champion, either at 115 pounds or potentially 125, if the division is ever built. She is currently fighting in the 115-pound division for LFA, although she has failed twice to reach the 116-pound weigh-in requirement for that division.


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