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The heavy-fisted "Russian Hammer," , is going the way of the kicking game.

Known for his headhunting, stalking style, Lobov attacked the legs of Japanese foe en route to a unanimous-decision win at UFC Fight Night 99. Lobov's victory highlighted a newfound predilection for SBG fighters, who have recently shown a preference for leg-kicking techniques.

The metamorphosis for Lobov, and his vastly more popular teammate, , began prior to .

With the two slated to face and , respectively, at UFC 202, Lobov and McGregor wore down the opposition with leg kicks and pressure attacks. The approach helped Lobov earn his first UFC win, while McGregor avenged his lone loss inside the Octagon.

And while McGregor, the UFC's first double champ, was quick to return to his signature form, using the counter left and his boxing, during his historic second-round knockout of Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205, Lobov continued to implement the leg-kick strategy against Ishihara in Belfast to devastating results:

Now 2-2 inside the Octagon, Lobov has incorporated the leg-kicking game into his style, helping him stay busy and do damage while looking for a home for his right hand.

It's essentially a mirrored version of McGregor's approach to his five-round majority-decision win over Nate Diaz in August. And it will be interesting to see how Lobov and his SBG teammates continue to implement leg kicks into their games.


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