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Everything about the scheduled match between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy has been ridiculous, and the story is only getting stranger.

Former heavyweight champion boxer Mike Tyson, who's training Brown ahead of the March fight, has teamed up with the hip-hop star for a new Soulja Boy diss track titled "If You Show Up."

The song features Tyson rapping (if you can call it that) lyrics which take a few digs at Soulja Boy, who's getting training tips from the recently retired Floyd Mayweather Jr.

"If you show up, it's going down,” Tyson croons in a sneak peek for the track. "I'm going to teach him how to knock your ass out."

Tyson seems pretty pumped for the bout, and even threw some shade at Soulja Boy and Mayweather in an announcement video posted on his Instagram account.

"Soulja Boy, what the f--k you talking about, the only thing I'm going to teach him is to bite somebody's ear," Tyson says in the clip. "Yeah that's right. I'm going to teach him every dirty trick in the book to knock you out. I'm not going to teach him how to run."

Although this fight definitely feels like a publicity stunt, the match seems to be legit and allegedly has a new location. According to a TMZ report, the pay-per-view event will now take place in Dubai instead of Las Vegas, due to it's less than strict drug testing policies. That's probably a good idea for everyone involved.

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