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Justin Golightly

Kickboxing is a sport that seems to be tailor-made for the MMA fan. It has more action, incredibly dynamic strikes, and an abundance of knockouts. None of those we have ever shared before has been anything like this though. While a previous from Lion Fight opened up a portal to hell in a fighter's forehead from an elbow, this fight opened up the flood gates and blew up a blood dam with dynamite.

Oh, that's not so bad — JESUS CHRIST!

It looks like Jeri Stizes came out of the elevator from The Shining that dumped out that tidal wave of blood. Did she stain the shirts of everyone in the front row with that spinning kick? Surely, that had to fling at least a couple of red drops over the top rope. Unfortunately, I don't think anyone saved their parkas from when Gallagher was still doing comedy by smashing watermelon. Eventually, the referee stopped the fight, albeit to a little bit of controversy.

Try to sleep now.
Try to sleep now.


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