ByElias Cepeda, writer at
Elias Cepeda

Cups are crotchside during fights to protect fighters from low blows. What happens when the fight gets so dangerous that a fighter's cup flees the scene?

An unlucky warrior on Friday's Lion Fight 34 kickboxing card found out (below). As you can see at around the 25 second mark, "HE CRACKED HIS CUP OUT! HE CRACKED HIS CUP OUT!!!"

Ahem...excuse our excitement. We just got done listening to "The Voice" Michael Schiavello's manic call of the contest.

But, it did happen. Honestly, this is the first time we can remember this taking place in a fight.

Traditional Muay Thai cups are secured pretty tightly by a relatively elaborate set of ropes as well, so something must have gone wrong in the dressing room or maybe..."HE CRACKED HIS CUP OUT!!!!" with such a hard kick that, "HE CRACKED HIS CUP OUT!!!!!"

Hard to tell from this angle, really. Check out the footage just to say you did.


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