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is ready for his fight tomorrow with Liam McGeary, but his preparations have been a little different this time around.

Since his fight with Francis Carmont at Bellator 165 last November, Vassell’s training camp, the , have gone through what can best be described as a divorce. While many in the camp have chosen to remain silent about what happened, Vassell spoke exclusively to and set the record straight.

“With the Blackzilians, the word is that Glenn [Robinson] didn’t pay the rent on the facility,” Vassell said. So, when I went back, it turns out we’ve been kicked out because we hadn’t paid it. There’s no Blackzilians gym at the old facility JACO now.”

Vassell then described how the two parties had split and where they’ve set up their new training camps.

“So, basically, Glen then went and spoke to another gym owner and called Rob [Cannova] at a gym called CSMMA,” Vassell said. “That’s where some of the Blackzilians train, but most of us now train at a place called the Combat Club--we're not called Blackzilians any longer. We're just at Combat Club. The two have nothing to do with each other anymore. Everyone who was at the old Blackzilians camp is pretty much there [Combat Club] now. CSMMA is supposed to be like the Blackzilians reformed, but if you ask me, I don’t think it’s really going to pan out like that.”

The Bellator light heavyweight then spoke about how the relationship is between the two parties now. By the sounds of it, they won't be sending each other Christmas cards.

“Everyone split up—I wouldn’t say in half because most people just went to Combat Club,” Vassell said. “I’ll be honest, the relationship between CSMMA and Combat Club isn’t good. All the guys who train still get on, but the relationship with Glenn—that isn’t great, you could say. I do good using both gyms, but I can’t see them reconciling anytime soon, put it that way. It’s only me and few others training at both—Matt Van Buren, Viktor Pesta and maybe a few more. I’m just doing what’s good for me.”

As one of the few guys that does train at both, Vassell explained why.

“The reason I train at CSMMA still is because of Neil [Melanson], he’s the best coach—he’s called “The Ground Martial,” and he’s here with me today,” Vassell said. “Henri Hooft and my strength and conditioning coach, Dr. Peacock, are at Combat Club. Henri is amazing, you know—he just keeps it nice and simple with the drills, and that suits me perfectly. I’m not a flashy, spinning back kick, flying elbow sort of guy. I just need solid one-two kickboxing and he’s perfect for that.”

Vassell vs. McGeary will be the co-main event of which goes down tomorrow at the SSE Wembley Arena in London, England.


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