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Amy Kaplan

Lina Lansberg had all of the cards stacked against her. She was making her UFC debut against one of the toughest women to ever compete in MMA, yet still she survived an entire round before being defeated in round two.

Now, Lansberg is telling the world what it's actually like to be in the Octagon with the powerful Cris "Cyborg" Justino.

"[Cyborg] is just a phenomenal fighter with insane power in her hands," she said on her official Facebook page. "Not in any of my 85 Thaiboxing fights and 8 MMA fights have I felt those kind of punches. My nose got cracked in three places right after the first couple of punches. First time for everything I guess."

Lansberg came in to face Cyborg at UFC Fight Night Brasilia to star in her first ever UFC bout, and as the main event, no less. As she stated above, she was no newcomer to fighting.

"Before I accepted this fight I knew about her weight, skill level and ability to finish opponents within the first round," she wrote. "Thats exactly why I took the fight. To step up to the ultimate challenge, to put myself out there far away from comfort. I thought I would be able to show more. My camp was not perfect but good, our game plan was great but Cyborg shut me down in every way."

Lansberg was able to escape the first round, battered but still standing, something not many other opponents of Cyborg can say. Unfortunately, she was unable to survive round two, and was TKO'd at the 2:29 mark. Even with an eye swollen shut and a broken nose, she wants to do it again.

"I wish to fight Cyborg again before my career is over," she wrote.


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