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Matt Juul

There are few stars as divisive in hip-hop circles today as “bubblegum trap” artist Lil Yachty, so you know his fans and his haters would definitely tune in if the “One Night” rapper stepped into the ring.

TMZ Sports recently caught up with Lil Yachty during an impromptu airport interview. The music star was sporting a WWE t-shirt, which prompted the videographer to ask Lil Yachty if he has any pro wrestling ambitions.

“I took a meeting with WWE not too long ago,” Lil Yachty said. “I’m trying to maybe do some special appearances.”

While he doesn’t know if he can hang in the ring with WWE wrestlers, he did admit that the “rap game would probably love to see me get beat up.” According to the trap artist, he’s already had several talks with the promotion and hopes to get something settled with them soon.

“Why not do it for money?” Lil Yachty joked. “In time, you never know, I might pop up.”


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