BySabina Mazo, writer at
"Colombian Queen" MMA fighter 125lb Kings MMA/Muay Thai Medellin/Gracie Colombia
Sabina Mazo

I'm from Colombia originally and found MMA after trying various other sports first.

I never really seemed to enjoy fútbol or any of the other sports that I tried, but when I went to my first class, I was hooked. I have since moved from my beautiful country to pursue my dreams of being a professional fighter by joining in Huntington Beach, CA.

Last month, I made my television debut for Legacy Fighting Alliance (), and was introduced to the American audience for the first time. It was in the very first round of that fight that I landed a head kick KO that went viral pretty much instantly.

When I was backstage afterward, I heard people talking about it, but I didn't realize how widespread it got until the next day when my social media following increased and I saw the highlight featured on USA Today and shared by some of my idols — including Cris Cyborg.

People have asked me how I will live up to a fight like that and honestly, it doesn't concern me. All I care about is fighting and representing my country well. There is such a negative view of Colombia, and I would love to be the one to change that. When I fight, I'm not thinking about the cameras or who will see it — I am thinking about the fight. The rest is just a bonus.


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